A heartfelt welcome to Ferienhof Raich!

Deeply rooted in the simple life, we enjoy the beauty
of the nature around us. Living here makes you strong.
Come and stay at the family-friendly farm
of Olympic champion Benjamin Raich,
in Leins in the romantic Pitztal valley!
With our wide range of offers, we will spoil you with all our heart.
Recharge your batteries for each new day.
We look forward to hearing from you!

Sincerely, Christine and Alois Raich

Families – Farm

Rabbits, pigs, and cats, who all love to be petted and pampered, live on our farm. The cats and kittens especially delight the children and their parents. Experience the life of a famer in the field, or while woodworking in the workshop.

Baking bread like grandmother once did in our very own brick oven is quite popular. Here, the children are allowed to play baker and even take their self-made baked rolls with them.

You can have a BBQ in our garden house.

Families, and especially children, are dear to us.

The children can romp around at our playground. Play equipment such as a trampoline, swings, climbing net, slide, scooter, go-cart, bikes, balls, and much more are waiting for playmates.

Baking campfire bread together over the fire or conjuring up a pizza bun in the old stone oven—what fun! A tractor ride with Alois and Christine on an alpine pasture will be unforgettable for the whole family.

There are many great toys in our children’s playroom, which is right next to the gym.

Whether a birthday party or game night with friends—our recreation room is the perfect place for it!

In the winter, there are also lots of fun things to do.
Building a snowman or having a snowball fight with Mom and Dad.
Tobogganing or snowshoeing are experiences that you’ll never forget.
In the winter, the heated ski storage at the Hochzeiger valley station is made available to our guests.

Parking spots are at your disposal.

Since the foundation of Holidays on the Farm (Urlaub am Bauernhof) association, our farm has been a permanent member. We are quality-tested and have been awarded the maximum score of 4 flowers by Holidays on the Farm.

Bauernhof Ferienhof Raich Bauernhof 1 Ferienhof Raich Bauernhof 2 Ferienhof Raich Bauernhof 3 Ferienhof Raich Bauernhof 4 Ferienhof Raich Bauernhof 5 Ferienhof Raich Bauernhof 6 Ferienhof Raich Bauernhof 7 Ferienhof Raich Bauernhof 8 Ferienhof Raich Bauernhof 9 Ferienhof Raich Bauernhof 10 Ferienhof Raich Bauernhof 11 Ferienhof Raich


After a busy day, you can relax in our sauna or in the infrared cabin. Beforehand, you can work out in our spacious gym. Have a seat in our recreation room and enjoy a good glass of wine. That feels great after an active day!

The many enjoyable spots in our lovingly landscaped garden invite you to sit down and stay awhile. You can lie in the sun on our lawn and enjoy the view of the Pitztal Alps. Our rejuvenation spot “Bichele” is absolutely wonderful. It’s where our grandparents already felt content and recharged their body, mind, and soul.

Exercise is just as important as healthy food!
A tennis court, ping pong table, basketball, archery, a climbing wall for children, mountains, and alpine meadows are all waiting for you.

Simply feel good, dream, and be happy at Ferienhof Raich!

Wohlfühlen Ferienhof Raich Wohlfühlen 1 Ferienhof Raich Wohlfühlen 2 Ferienhof Raich Wohlfühlen 3 Ferienhof Raich Wohlfühlen 4 Ferienhof Raich Wohlfühlen 5 Ferienhof Raich

Pitztal valley

Enjoy the Pitztal valley with all its advantages. Impressive mountains, clear mountain lakes, bubbling streams, luscious and lovingly maintained landscape, culture, and down-to-earth, friendly people invite you to come over and enjoy a one-of-a-kind vacation.

Whether you prefer skiing or tobogganing, the Hochzeiger ski resort offers family-friendly activities.
The Pitztal Glacier offers, besides many extensive slopes, the highest café in Austria, “Café 3,440”, with a wonderful view over the Pitztal mountains.
You can also recharge your batteries by cross-country skiing on the Pillar, along the Pitztaler Ache, on the high-altitude trails on Rifflsee Lake (Lake Riff), or on the Pitztal Glacier.

Our ski resorts are also popular hiking and excursion destinations in the summer—offering many attractions.
Go for a hike and experience a unique region—the Kaunergrat nature park.

You can have an adventure on an excursion to Area 47, or to the longest summer toboggan run in the Alps, the Alpine Coaster, in Hoch-Imst. Pitztpark, Zirbenpark, and XP Park also offer plenty of excitement in the Pitztal valley!

Pitztal Ferienhof Raich Pitztal 1 Ferienhof Raich Pitztal 2 Ferienhof Raich Pitztal 3 Ferienhof Raich Pitztal 4 Ferienhof Raich Pitztal 5 Ferienhof Raich Pitztal 6 Ferienhof Raich Pitztal 7 Ferienhof Raich Pitztal 8 Ferienhof Raich Pitztal 9 Ferienhof Raich Pitztal 10 Ferienhof Raich Pitztal 11 Ferienhof Raich Pitztal 12 Ferienhof Raich Pitztal 13 Ferienhof Raich Pitztal 14 Ferienhof Raich Pitztal 15 Ferienhof Raich Pitztal 16 Ferienhof Raich Pitztal 17 Ferienhof Raich Pitztal 18 Ferienhof Raich Pitztal 19 Ferienhof Raich Pitztal 20 Ferienhof Raich Pitztal 21 Ferienhof Raich Pitztal 22 Ferienhof Raich

The Raich family

We, Christine and Alois, have been renting out apartments at our farm since the late 70’s. We enjoy pampering our guests and offering them something new time and again.

Our son Florian and his wife Jasmin run the “Race Center Benni Raich” racing school. They rent out vacation homes at “Apart FerienRaich.”

Our second son Benjamin was a successful ski racer. In 2005, he won the World Championship in Bormio, Italy, and in 2006, he became a double Olympic champion in Turin.

His wife Marlies was also a ski racer. She is a slalom ski racing champion and the most successful female slalom ski racer of all time.

Our daughter Carina is married to Mario Stecher, world and Olympic champion in Nordic Combined. They rent out apartments in “Apart BergRaich.”

Our grandchildren David, Luis, Rosa, and Josef warm our hearts and surprise us every day! We are very happy and thankful for our large family.

Familie Raich Ferienhof Raich Familie 1 Raich Ferienhof Raich Familie 2 Raich Ferienhof Raich Familie 3 Raich Ferienhof Raich Familie 4 Raich Ferienhof Raich Familie 5 Raich Ferienhof Raich Familie 6 Raich Ferienhof Raich Familie 7 Raich Ferienhof Raich Familie 8 Raich Ferienhof Raich Familie 9 Raich Ferienhof Raich